Winter Essentials


Winter is coming and it is the perfect time to prepare yourself and your body for these next 4 months of freezing weather! Winter also calls for icy wind that makes you cold and makes your skin drier than it already is. Even for a person like me – who has an oily skin – winter makes my skin dry. Here is a list of a few winter essentials that I cannot live without! It makes winter so much more loveable, bearable and a nicer season 🙂


1. Moisturizing cream. It is so important that you moisturize your whole body throughout these cold months. I personally do it at night before I go to bed; you don’t get to wait until it dries out before doing an activity. Moisturizing your body will help it face the cold weather and the freezing cold winds. Also, keep a hand cream in your bag! It might come very handy and your body will thank you later!

2. Always wear a lip balm. It is pretty much the same idea than the first one, but it applies specifically to your lips. Unlike the rest of your body, your face is the body part which is less covered. By talking, eating, drinking, kissing, and simply walking around, your lips will always be in contact with cold air and you have to keep them moisturized if you don’t want dry, cracked, bloody lips.

3. Sweaters. If you have a very good and warm coat, you might not be likely to always wear sweaters but this is one of my favourite pieces of clothes. It is so comfortable and warm, and it goes with anything! You can wear it with leggings, skinny jeans, wearing it to go out by adding jewelry, or even just wearing it at home simply to study. And you can find them in every colour, with or without patterns and in every fabric/material. This will definitively keep you warm for the whole season!


4. Comfort drink. It can be one of your favourite assortments of tea or any kind of hot beverage: latte, cappuccino, french vanilla, mocha, hot chocolate… anything! It makes my whole body so much warmer and it cheers me up at any moment. I usually make myself a tea while i’m getting ready to go to work in the morning to put me in a good mood. Taking a hot beverage during a study session makes it so much more comfortable. Getting a coffee with friends makes any get together way more charming and friendly. You can also just drink one of these at any moment just to relax! And what is more, they taste absolutely delicious!


5. Dark nail polish. Fall and winter calls for more taupy, darker nail colours. My all time favourites are the navy blue, dark red, dark purple and dark green. It matches with everything and gives you a more classical, glamourous, settled look! Mind you, you don’t have to wear those all the time, but these are the ones I prefer the most!


6. Winter accessories. These are perfect if you want to keep warm but still add a little touch of your personal style to the whole outfit, and your huge coat attire! For example, you can either choose to wear a beanie, a headband, earmuffs, different kinds and thickness of scarves, and different styles of gloves as well! I think they are cute elements to add to your entire look to be very warm and still very stylish and nice looking 😉


That was it! Here was my little list of my winter essentials that helps me survive joyfully during the cold weather! I get cold pretty easily so if all of these can help me out, it sure can help you guys too!


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