Tidying My Everyday Essentials With Bouclair

As you may have seen in my Office Vibes with Bouclair post, I am a great home décor lover. Adding bits and pieces to a room really brings out the character of an entire apartment. After finally being able to have the home office of my dreams, I decided to focus on my living room, especially my front entrance. As you will notice from the picks I have chosen with Bouclair, I kept everything very simple and minimal. Living and working near downtown Montreal can be very overwhelming and fast-paced. This is why I want everything in my home to be peaceful and relaxing.

Every number in this little section of my room is very muted, while also having interesting designs and textures. This is a must for me when it comes to very simple pieces. I love to balance the minimalist aestheticism of such articles with particular textures, fabric or shapes. I decided to firstly pick a beautiful and very simple folding tray to hold (and keep tidy) my on-the-go essentials. As you can see, I like to keep everything I am wearing and needing on an everyday basis in one easy place.

To add more dimensions to the space, I chose this gorgeous Decorative Driftwood Leaf Plate to hold my keys, my earphones, jewelry, lipstick of the week and much more. I love the boho and nature vibes it gives to this little section of my apartment. I also picked up the Cut-Out Ceramic and the Set of 3 Glass Decorative Spheres, as well as the Decorative Glass Bottle with Lid to play with shapes and materials.

Finally, to complement the leaf plate, I chose the bundle of white Branches that I put into this beautiful Trumpet Bamboo Floor Vase. They add such delicate yet intricate details to the room! I absolutely love how versatile all these pieces are. I always switch up my décor according to the seasons and these picks can be beautifully combined with other pieces I already own.

I am really grateful to have had the chance to collaborate with Bouclair. My apartment is finally reflecting my very own style and personality. I highly recommend you to check out their website as they have gorgeous finds! I am sure you will either find your next true love and inspiration. Their collection really suits everyone’s style.


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  1. August 9, 2017 / 1:08 pm

    Love all the white, with just a few touch of colour and pastels 🙂

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