A Selection of Pralines with Planète Chocolat

Chocolate has been a guilty pleasure of mine for many years. I am known by my friends and family for having an incredibly big sweet tooth. I was recently approached by Planète Chocolat, a Belgian chocolaterie based in Brussels. They very generously offered me a selection of their chocolates, made from 100% pure cocoa butter without conservatives or GM foods. The hardest part for me was to choose one box out of the many they offered; every single one of them looked sublime!

Planète Chocolat thrives to offer the best quality Belgian chocolate there is. Their team of talented and passionate chocolatiers constantly brings innovative ideas to blend chocolate with new flavours to treat the eyes and the palate. This luxury Belgian chocolaterie delivers worldwide – yes even in Montreal! – in order to share their passion and creations with as many people as possible.

I decided to go with this irresistible Selection of 24 Pralines. This assortment of chocolates took us on a divine trip where flavours of hazelnuts were combined with caramel, fruit nectar, spices and much more. From classic favourite tastes to innovative novelties, each praline offers a unique and enchanting experience.  The packaging and the design of the chocolates are simply beautiful. The pralines come in a gorgeous selection of flavours and geometric shapes.

Their care in the choice of key ingredients is really reflected in the quality of their chocolates. Each piece simply melts in the mouth while releasing a beautiful combination of flavours. If you are a chocolate lover as much as I am, you will be delighted to discover Planète Chocolat’s selection of pure goodness. They make the perfect gift for a loved one, to celebrate a special occasion or simply to spoil yourself.

I was thoroughly impressed with the delivery services. The box came wrapped in a special isothermal package designed by cooling specialists. The chocolates were not only protected from impact but also kept at a temperature under 68 degrees Fahrenheit. Planète Chocolat always makes sure quality and taste are always guaranteed even in summer!


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  1. Kat
    July 24, 2017 / 9:11 pm

    we LOVE this chocolatier in Belgium ! so happy to learn that they deliver worldwide Oo

  2. Iris Adrienne
    July 25, 2017 / 9:36 pm

    I love these shots. Makes me want to have some chocolate right now.

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