Nespresso Explorations 2

One of the reasons why I am a big Nespresso lover is because they always come out with hidden coffee gems. Earlier this month, Nespresso revealed their latest collection, The Explorations 2. This new addition offers 2 beautiful coffee flavour profiles: the Ethiopia Yirgacheffe and the Colombia Aguadas. The Explorations Series are about letting us discover remote unexplored lands which conditions transform a regular coffee plant to a true coffee gem. For this second series, Ethiopia Yirgacheffe and Colombia Aguadas have been paired due to their contrasting aromatic profiles.

To fully enjoy and discover these new aromatic coffee profiles, I invited my friend for a little afternoon coffee break. Available only twice a year, we were given the amazing opportunity to sample the latest Nespresso collection while also learning about the heritage, the unusual tasting notes and terroir of Ethiopia and Colombia.

Yirgacheffe has become a known treasure in the coffee world with its notes of bergamot citrus and jasmine blossom. This coffee has a light roasted and velvety texture with white floral notes, orange blossom and nuts. Its delicate and distinctive aromas are best-enjoyed black. You can also add milk to have an even more aromatic coffee and a biscuit flavour to this espresso.

The Colombia Aguadas is also a light roasted espresso. It has a very specific sweetness that is reminiscent of candied apples and red berries. Just as the Ethiopia Yirgacheffe, this coffee is best enjoy black but can be enjoyed as a Latte Macchiato. I added a little bit of frothed milk to have a creamy coffee with sweet caramelized and fruity notes!

Explorations 2 is now available for a very limited period in all the Nespresso boutiques and online. I highly recommend them if you are an avid coffee drinker like I am!


  1. October 20, 2017 / 10:52 am

    Photos as always so on point. Coffee always looks great though. xx

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