Montreal’s Best Ice Cream Shops

Who doesn’t love ice cream? I have a little addiction when it comes to grabbing a sweet snack, and I find myself especially unable to resist to chocolate ice creams. Having the chance to live near quite a few ice cream shops, I decided to share my little precious places with all of you. The following places are perfect to hang out with friends or to have a date with your loved one. And do not worry if you are not into ice creams, they all offer other pastries, sorbet and much more as well. These shops are only a few of the many shops Montreal has to offer. You can always search for more places to go to on the Internet. I hope you all enjoy!


From Left to Right:
1. Les Givrés – 3807 St-Denis
2. Jeff de Bruges – 1500 Avenue McGill College
3. Le Bilboquet – 1311 Avenue Bernard
4. Point G – 1266 Avenue du Mont-Royal East
5. Kem Coba – 60 Avenue Fairmount West
6. Havre aux Glaces – 138 Avenue Atwater
7. Bo-Bec – 1300 Avenue Laurier East
8. Crèmerie Pineault – 3307 Boulevard Saint-Martin East
9. Laura Secord – 705 Rue Sainte-Catherine West
10. Les Glaceurs – 1245 University Street and 453 St Sulpice Street
PS. These are not my own pictures, I found them on various social media platforms.

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