Les Cigales


Last saturday, I went on a dinner date and tried out a new French restaurant I have been eyeing for since this fall. I wanted to try out this place since I saw on their menu that they had salmon tartare (my favourite!) and we finally got go – lucky me! The verdict: one of the best restaurants I’ve been to this year.

Here are a few things I really loved about this place. First of all, it is not in Montreal. Les Cigales is actually located in downtown St-Lambert, about 30 minutes from downtown Montreal. I really like its location because it is very peaceful, accessible by car, and it felt good to try out a new place outside from the buzz and craziness of the city. We made a reservation (I thought that for a saturday night it might get crowded) but it wasn’t necessary. It is a very small restaurant, which I love since it made it all very intimate and very comfortable.

The decor is very nice as well. Everything is cream-toned (except for the windows and walls’ edges that were in a dark-grey or black) giving a feeling of simplicity and modernism. The unique dim amber lighting gives a romantic glow. Since we made a reservation, they gave us the nicest table they had; it was near the window, we had a view on the main street and the little park, and there were a huge flower vase with orchids, candles and coloured lights. It made such a beautiful and charming ambiance!

lescigales French cuisine obviously calls for salmon and beef tartare, garlic or a full pan of snails, flank steak, grilled fillet of beef with foie gras, rack of lamb, caramel cream, crème brûlée, chocolate profiteroles (and many many more), with an amazing menu of wine, champagne and appetizers. I personally took the salmon tartare and the bavette de boeuf with a glass of red wine, and it was simply delicious. The service was excellent, they were all very nice to us, making sure everything was in order and tasteful.

Value-wise, I think it was very affordable for what you ate. Of course, I might not eat there every single week but for the food quality we had, I thought it was well invested. I will link their website if you want to go see their menu, prices, location or decor!



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  1. November 11, 2013 / 9:49 pm

    Looks cozy..and the food is tempting

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