Inforcer Anti-Breakage by L’Oréal Professional

Série Expert from L’Oréal Professional is known for their 15 hair treatment ranges. They are grouped into 4 families to meet each woman’s hair needs and categorized according to several criteria such as hair type, past treatments, beauty routines and more. Last Monday, I was invited to their launch where I got to discover their Inforcer strengthening and anti-breakage hair treatment. Infused with Vitamin B6 and Biotin, this new line prevents hair breakage and hair fall. The combination of these two star actives is found in the complete range: in the shampoo, the conditioner, the mask, the brush-proof spray and the night anti-friction serum. L’Oréal Professional was kind enough to give me a few of these amazing gems to try out!

Strengthening Anti-Breakage Mask
This hair mask has a reinforcing formula infused with Vitamin B6 and Biotin. It instantly reduced breakage action and leaves the hair intensely conditioned. The hair is thus more resistant and stronger. I like to apply an even layer of this mask on my shampooed and towel-dried hair. I leave it for about 3 to 5 minutes before rinsing it off thoroughly.

Strengthening Anti-Breaking & Shampoo Conditioner
These two products instantly reduce hair breakage. They leave the hair stronger, more resistant and easier to brush. This duo, as well as the hair mask, smells absolutely heavenly. They have a fresh scent with a little touch of sweetness. I leave each products for a couple of minutes before rinsing them off.

Night Anti-Breakage Serum
This leave-in overnight has a serum-gel formula that is fast drying. Just as the complimentary products from this range, it is perfect to protect the hair from breakage. I apply an even layer to my shampooed and towel-dried hair before going to bed. It is important to leave it completely overnight and not to rinse the hair.

Anti-Breakage Detangling Spray
I have never tried a detangling spray and was very impressed by this one! I apply it directly on my brush after shaking it well. It protects the hair from friction and reduce hair breakage during brushing – which happens to me quite often, especially having long hair. I have been using this spray every morning and evening and have been loving it.


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