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I have always loved discovering and trying new beauty products, especially when they come from other countries. A colleague of mine recently introduced me to Gerovital Beauty Expert, a renown Romanian beauty company. Created and lead by Farmec, the leader in the Romanian cosmetics industry with its 125 years of experience in the field, Gerovital Beauty Expert’s mission is to help women maintain their natural beauty. This is why they offer innovative, efficient and trustful products created by experienced specialists.

I tried these following products for 3 weeks, just before going on vacation and wanted to share my review with you all! Have you heard about this brand before?

Micellar Water with Hyaluronic Acid
I absolutely love everything that has to do with micellar waters. This water in particular gently cleans the face, the eyes and the lips. I also use it to remove my makeup, my skin’s sebum and impurities after a long day at work. My skin feels so incredibly smooth and silky afterwards. I like to apply it on my face and my neck by massaging with a cotton pad – no need to rinse!

Concentrated Serum with Hyaluronic Acid
This rich serum has anti-wrinkle effect such as line smoothing and covering. It also has moisturizing benefits: it brightens the skin and gives a beautiful touch of radiance to the complexion. This gem reverses the signs of aging and reduces the appearance of age spots. I loved to apply it in the morning, using 2-3 drops on cleansed and toned skin.

Anti-Wrinkle Cream Concentrated with Hyaluronic Acid
This rich cream replenishes the skin’s moisture barrier and offers intense hydration. The Hyaluronic Acid preserves the skin water reserves and also reduces the trans-epidermal water loss. Complementing the Serum, this cream also reverses the signs of aging and the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. I apply this cream in the morning and in the evening on the face to my neck.

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