Garnier Whole Blends’ Oat Delicacy

Garnier just came out with a new wholesome and gentle blend for delicate hair and sensitive scalp: the Oat Delicacy. This new collection is formulated with a powdery-soft fragrance of oat milk and rice cream to bring moisturizing, conditioning and nourishing care for the hair. The oat milk is used in this formula to soften and soothe, while the rice cream is ideal to hydrate and protect.

Bleaching my hair for the past 4 years, I am always on the lookout for nourishing and protecting hair care. You can imagine how happy I was when I received these gems. The Oat Delicacy collection features 3 beautiful products: a gentle shampoo, a gentle conditioner and a gentle dry shampoo. Garnier Canada was kind enough to send me this gorgeous packaging. They also included a little oat bath milk which I simply adore!

Gentle Shampoo & Conditioner
These two beauties are formulated with oat milk and rice cream extracts to moisturize and soften the hair and the scalp. The fragrance is incredibly lovely, I feel as if I am in a spa when I use this combo. My hair feels so incredibly lightweight, hydrated and conditioned after using these two products. I highly recommend you to try the both of them if you have delicate hair and sensitive scalp!

Gentle Dry Shampoo
I do not wash my hair every single day as it strips my hair and my scalp from their natural oil. This is where this dry shampoo comes in very handy. Its mild and practical formula absorbs excess oil and restores volume from the very root of the hair. It is also very gentle on the scalp! In only 2 minutes, this formula treats the hair to a fresh and light scent. Clean and voluminous hair in an instant!


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