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Dinette Magazine is a foodie world to discover. I was first introduced to these new and very sought-after magazines after seeing so many of my friends and fellow bloggers reading them. As they are sold in many little boutiques in Montreal, I got the issues 004 Montreal and 005 Roadtrip. Unfortunately, the magazine and the website are only available in French but I still wanted to share them with you as they are so gorgeous and fascinating. Hopefully they will have an English section as well!

Dinette presents the food world from an epicurean eye through travels and exchanges, complemented by incredible pictures and illustrations. Each magazine offers a unique storyline reflected in every recipe, meeting with chefs, article presenting new restaurants to discover and much more. Their team of collaborators travel the province of Quebec to meet with producers, chefs and food fanatics to share their perspective and their passion of this industry.

Do you have any similar food books you recommend? Which ones are you favourites?


As you can see from the pictures, Dinette has a very minimalistic, clean and refreshing aesthetic which puts forward nothing else but the richness of the photography and the articles. What I love about their magazines, unlike traditional recipe books, is that they have such a great variety of content. You will find interviews, analyzes, articles, recipes, recommendations and much more. Everything about Dinette is so well curated.

Dinette Magazine definitely calls for a culinary adventure. It will appeal to every eager foodie that loves to cook, to step out of their comfort and simply to discover new things in the food world.

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