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Having my own place was definitely a total change of lifestyle for me. Even if I have been living on my own for a year, I still face some challenges that I took for granted when I was living with my parents. One of them – and one of my biggest weaknesses – has to be cooking. As much as I like cooking and eating, I do not always find the motivation to try out new recipes, especially on my own. With a very hectic lifestyle, my full-time job and my blog/Instagram, I would always cook something simple and very dull. I preferred taking less time possible on cooking and eating to spend more time on other activities.

A few weeks ago, I was introduced to a new cooking service; Chef Cook it. Simply put; fresh ingredients and easy to follow recipes delivered to your door waited to be cooked and tried. Cook it offers tasty and simple step by step meals every week. Created by their very own team of chefs and food lovers, Cook it wants to change and ease the process of how we shop for ingredients, cook and eat. It wants to make a difference and simplify the way we live our daily life which I much need.

Their recipes come with pre-measured ingredients so that nothing goes to waste. All you need to do is to cook delicious dinners! What is more, every recipe takes less no longer than 30 minutes to make. I did a one week tryout before subscribing myself to the service. It is such a great way to gain confidence and to improve your cooking skills in the very comfort of your home.

What Is In The Box?

– Handpicked Fresh, Local & Seasonal products
– Pre-Measured Ingredients
– Sustainable Fish
– Hormone Free Meats
– Easy To Follow Step by Step Recipe Cards

With 8 new recipes to choose from every week, you learn how to cook a great variety of different cuisines. They also offer 3 vegetarian options. It is a great way to enjoy the discovery of new tastes and meals while having quality time in your loved ones! I invited my sister and my date to cook dinner while catching up and having a laugh. Nothing beats good food and good company in my book 😉

As for the delivery part, Cook it offers free and flexible delivery services. You can choose your preferred day and time of day and they will bring your ingredients and recipe cards in an insulated box. There is also the option to skip a delivery in your own customized calendar. It is perfect if you are planning to go on vacation or simply if you want to take up the food world by yourself!

Here are a few examples of the recipes I personally tried and loved. If you would like to know more about Cook it and their cooking experience, you can visit their website.


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