Big in Japan

cocktail2 I haven’t written a restaurant or lounge review in such a long time so I thought it would be the perfect time to write about one of my favourite lounges Big in Japan. Located on 4175 St-Laurent Boulevard, Big in Japan is hidden behind a red door. I say hidden, not because it doesn’t want to be seen but because it is so difficult to find it if you don’t pay attention. Also, be careful not to mix this lounge with the Big in Japan restaurant on the 3723 St-Laurent Boulevard, which is its sister restaurant.

Upon entering the lounge, two big red velvet curtains welcome you to the amazing ambiance and atmosphere that surround this place. Big in Japan is no ordinary lounge. It has an amazingly unique layout; the design of its booth and tables are one of a winding bar; the entire room has one table zigzagging all over the place. The unique lighting, the red velvet curtains covering the walls and the very interesting concept of whisky bottles hanging from the ceiling give a very sophisticated and charming overall atmosphere. The music is also great and just loud enough to keep a very loungy feeling as it lets you still have a conversation without yelling to your friends to be heard.

With their selective menu, you can choose to either eat and have cocktails à la japonnaise or have the Western drinks and food instead. Their price range varies from affordable to pricey. Big in Japan is perfect to catch up with friends, to go on a date or to try a new sophisticated, young and hip place. The service is efficient and charming: the bartenders always make sure you have something to eat or to drink and that you are comfortable. If you are planning to try this new place out on a friday or saturday night, I would suggest you to come early or you might wait 30-40 minutes in the hallway before having a chance to find a seat.


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